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Merakey Gateway Transition Services



Merakey Gateway Ink is a social enterprise screen printing business, which provides a job training program for young adults with autism. Participants have the opportunity to earn a real paycheck in a supported environment while developing transferable vocational and social skills.

The purpose of Merakey Gateway Ink is to prepare young adults with autism for meaningful work in the community. The Shop Manager and the Program Director work together in developing individual training techniques, emotional regulation strategies, and communication tools to aid them in the work place. All participant progress is collected in a daily work shift report that is later reviewed and used to guide participants towards further growth and strengthening of their skills.

Merakey Gateway Ink is not intended to be a career for these participants, but a stepping stone to a career that fits the strengths and needs of each individual. The goal is to lay a foundation for future employment by providing work experience and training based on the wants and need of each participant.
5 People | 12 Impacts | 23 Hours

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