Nursing Concepts IV (3740)

This class has been closed and is no longer open.


Nursing 3740 focuses on the holistic nursing care of vulnerable communities and populations across the lifespan. Students explore the research process and begin to evaluate research to further develop skills for evidence-based nursing practice. Practicum experiences provide the opportunity to partner with a community to improve health. (Placement)
NURS 3740: Nursing Concepts IV - (NURS-3740-1SL)
Fall 2018
A. Integrate prior knowledge in assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating a health project to address a health issue of a vulnerable population B. Communicate and collaborate with the community partner to plan, develop, and complete a health project promoting health using advocacy, health teaching, and social marketing C. Utilize effective communication with caring/ethical behaviors demonstrated D. Complete a practicum learning plan reflection, reflecting on personal growth, civic engagement, vocation, and the impact community practicum experience on relevance to future nursing practice
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